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(613) 402-4002
HomePlus Automation - Ottawa Home Automation Design, Sales and Installation - (613) 402-4002
Smart Home Ottawa Experts

(613) 402-4002

Smart Home Support

Automating your home may seem like a scary proposition. But rest assured, your home will not take over, you have the ultimate control and we will be there to support you.

After every installation we:
  • Walk you through and train you on how to use the components of your automated home.
  • Confirm with you that the system is working as designed and make adjustments as needed.
  • Provide detailed written instructions on how your particular system works and its capabilities.
  • Answer any questions you may have.
  • Provide our contact information (613) 402-4002 / support@homeplusautomation.ca

Annual Support Plan

HomePlus Automation offers a no obligation annual support plan. Our $125* annual support plan ensures that your system is operating at its maximum performance and includes the following.
  1. Verify that all devices are in working condition.
  2. Verify that all cameras are in working condition.
  3. Verify all controller devices have up to date security patches.
  4. Cleaning of all motion sensor lenses.
  5. Cleaning of all camera lenses.
  6. Replacing all batteries in wireless devices with new premium lithium batteries.
  7. Performing re-test of all scenes.

* Price does not include repair or replacement of defective components or programming changes.


HomePlus Automation provides a 1 year limited replacement guarantee on all products and services. In addition, every installation includes a 30 day follow up to ensure your home automation solution is operating as designed.

All our customers enjoy free after sales phone and email support no matter how long it's been since we installed your home automation components. Feel free to call us at (613) 402-4002 or email support@homeplusautomation.ca.